Brand Creative & Design Strategy

The original camera re-commerce company, KEH has a mission to put rare and quality secondhand gear in the hands of all photographers. They’ve become the largest curated market for used photo and video equipment in the industry.

KEH needed a refreshed strategy, brand system and creative direction to reflect its best-in-class grading and repair service, unique personality, and overall expertise. There was a need to catch up on the fast-growing demand for unique secondhand products and sustainable shopping, especially from the younger generation. Our objective was to reveal its distinctive understructure made of a passionate, cross-generational team of trained specialists dedicated to the product while presenting the richness and diversity of its inventory. We created a unique brand with human values to move away from most camera stores' typical transactional voice.

Brand Designer: Rob O’Donnell
Strategist: Britta Jerome
Project Manager: Natalia Ruberte
Copywriter: Megan Moore
Content Creator: Matt Bero
Product photography: Ken Hamlett